Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Malad

This year we had plans of staying in Tucson for Christmas instead of making the thousand-mile drive to visit family. But it wasn't to be, Deb's grandma died shortly before Christmas, causing us to make some last-minute schedule changes. On December 21st we drove to Malad, Idaho with perfect roads the entire way. The following day we drove through a winter snowstorm over Malad Pass to get to the funeral. On the 23rd we returned to Malad to spend the next few days with my parents, two of my sisters, my brother, and his wife and two kids. They all arrived on the 24th.

Trena Doll, my second-oldest sister, almost immediately enlisted Spens, my younger brother, and I in a very important project. She gave us both a shovel and had us pile snow in my parent's back yard. We dutifully obeyed and before long we had a nice-sized hill of snow constructed out of snow that wasn't packing very well. Fortunately, on Christmas it snowed all day (17 inches worth) and the snow packed splendidly. Our sledding hill went quickly from then on and we quickly realized that we would have to create a turn to keep the sledders from running into my parent's house. Here's some footage of the end product. In the video you will see my Dad ride with Bells. When it was over, she kept saying, "Grandpa tipped us over!"

Dad did, however, have better rides, including one where he raised a finger to the sky to indicate he was number one and that he had gone the farthest. Gabs didn't buy it though and called him on using his hands to go further.

Also while we were in Malad, I spent some time scanning one of the family photo albums. ELK, our ten-month-old son, wanted to get at the book and seemed to have all sorts or strategies to do so. His Grandpa's job was to see that he didn't get to it. Sing, my youngest but older sister, caught it all on camera. You decide who won!

When the last of us left on the 27th, we had enjoyed a memorable Christmas together in my parent's small, but cozy home in Malad! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us all come. And thanks to the rest of you who went for making this Christmas an unforgettable experience!