Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sleeping Quarters

During the last few months of 2007, my wife kept prodding me to make the girls a bunk bed. Finally, in mid-December I started on it and continued to work on it with my father-in-law when he and his wife came to visit over the Christmas break. We wanted to have it done before our little boy was born in early March, but it was not to be. During the month of February, Bells, our youngest child--(at the time as my sister so aptly notes in a comment for this post), refused to sleep in her bed anymore, so we let her sleep with Gabs in her toddler bed. That didn't work very long since they started to constantly blame each other for keeping them awake.

One of our final solutions in the days leading up to our putting the bunk bed together was to lay their two mattresses close together on the floor. As you can see; and with due cause, we had doubts that they would be able to stay on their new bed without bars or a side rail to keep them in. This picture was taken about a week after their brother was born. A few days after this picture was taken, we got the bunk bed set up and ready for the two to sleep in. Fortunately, Gabs' top bunk has a side rail and she hasn't fallen off yet! The same can't be said for Bells on her bottom bunk.


Trena Doll said...

Hate to break it to you bro, but Bells is not your youngest anymore. Maybe you're confused because the boy's so big?

cking said...

Good work:) One day maybe I'll be handy with woodwork and carpentry and all that fun stuff!

rantipoler said...

Lol - those are hilarious pictures! Nice job on the bunk bed, by the way. I'm duly impressed.