Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

This week Gabs graduated from Kindergarten. Her class put on a great program with several songs and dances that were absolutely adorable. Afterward we got to watch a slide show of the year in review. It's amazing how much she has grown in the last eight or nine months. It's also amazing how much she has grown since she was born nearly six years ago. It seems that from here on out, our lives will be marked by a series of milestones leading to the day that our kids will be all grown up and moving out of the house . . ., but we're going to enjoy experiencing each of those milestones with our children! We are grateful to be so blessed!


rantipoler said...

She is adorable in that little cap and gown. How fun!

Cameron and Katie said...

I still can't believe that our girls are old enough to even be in kindergarten. I am just hoping that I don't cry on Madelyn's last day. They were just babies learning how to walk together!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing her graduation and yes she is growing fast. She is even growing faster when you listen to her conversations.