Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Home Evening at the Drive-in Theater

This last Monday we went to the one drive-in theater in Tucson--the De Anza. In nearly three years in Tucson, it was just the second time our family has gone to the drive-in theater. As long as you have a moderately good movie at the drive-in, the ambiance will make up for the rest. In our case, we watched Up and Earth. With the back of our van facing the big screen, we took the back seat out and placed it behind the van. While Debs and I sat on the seat, our two girls sat in their car seats or lay in the back of the van with their pillows and blankets. Erik slept for a good part of the first movie, which allowed us to actually watch and enjoy it. With our four pound tub of Redvines licorice, a few bags of microwave popcorn, and some water, we had a very enjoyable evening.

On the downside, the battery to our vehicle died halfway through the second feature, and we had to wait until it was over for another viewer to come help us jump start it. In the past I have recommended using earplugs when going to watch a NASCAR, now I'm going to make a few suggestions about going to a drive-in theater. Take jumper cables--almost nobody has them in their cars these days and good luck finding an employee at the drive-in theater after they close concessions. Also, you might want to turn your vehicle on for a few minutes between features. Or you could just take a radio or walkman powered by batteries.

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