Sunday, April 25, 2010

County Fair

For the third consecutive year we had a great evening at the Pima County Fair. I've written about our past experiences at the fair, so I've already said most everything there is to say on the subject with just a few exceptions.

We rode on many of the rides that we rode on last year--thanks to the promotional discounts they give for the rides in the weeks leading up to the fair.

One of the recurring themes of this year's experience seems to be the boar or the pig!

A nice addition to this year's fair was the petting zoo. Within minutes of our entering, one of the many goats found Deb's pant-leg and peed all over it. Truth be told, the goats were rather obnoxious. One man who was wearing a solid green shirt had the goats swarming around him, apparently thinking his shirt was food! Sorry, no pictures of this phenomenon!

This critter was fairly skittish, but the girls managed to get close to it.

The excellent sea lion show was one of the highlights of our evening!


Richins Family said...

WE loved the pictures of your kids with the animals at the petting zoo and laughed out loud at the stories. Sorry Deb! It just sounds like something that would happen to us. What a cute little Wallaby. I am glad you shared pictures of the kids. My kids were excited to see them. Hope to see you when you come up. Thanks for sharing.

cking said...

Hey, that looks like a really good fair! I wonder why I never go to fairs.