Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bells's Graduation

Two years ago Gabs, our oldest, graduated from kindergarten. This time it was Bells's turn. She loved her class. Ms. O'Hare, her teacher, was kind enough to provide us with a lot of pictures from throughout the year.

This picture is from the start of the school year, when Bells was still four.

Here she is in her graduation cap and gown! We loved watching the graduation program that included several dances and songs that they sang! They just keep growing up.

This is her class on one of their field trips.

If we ever get a job and move out of Tucson, we are going to have to do our best to find a good teacher for Erik and his brother-on-the-way. Wish us luck! It will be hard to replace them.

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Richins Family said...

Bella is a Doll! Yeah for graduating Kindergarton. It is always a blessing to have a great teacher. Good luck finding them in the future. They are out there, you just don't always get them.